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Perhaps the greatest contribution we can make to society is to continue to innovate. But to achieve this we need the right people. Talented people who are able to provide our customers with innovative solutions. People who share our fascination for the future, but want answers today. From the sharpest graduates, to skillful engineers and inspirational leaders.


In 2015 we employed 1,597 people across the globe. In line with our increased investments in R&D and innovation, 26% of our staff were employed in R&D. This is an increase of 15% compared to the end of 2014.


We are an equal opportunities employer. We understand that every individual is unique. We recognize and respect the differences between individuals and we understand that these differences can include ethnicity, religious beliefs, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, family status, physical ability, experience and perspective. In 2015 we continued to maintain a diverse workforce throughout the company, employing 29 nationalities. The percentage of women remained stable at 14% of the workforce.


Recruiting and developing a diverse workforce gives us a wide range of perspectives, and allows us to explore and adopt new ideas and innovations in technology. It also allows us to better understand and meet the needs of our diverse customers, suppliers and communities. Workforce diversity continues to be part of the strategic objectives that help us drive for innovation. We benefit from this diverse perspective and the advantages of bringing talented men and women of all backgrounds together to create new breakthrough innovations, turning today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.


To help secure the right talent, we have established the ASM New College Graduate (NCG) program, which enables us to attract, develop and retain recent graduates with advanced degrees in physics, physical chemistry, chemistry, materials science and engineering. Working with a select list of universities that focus on the education and training that fits our technology needs, we participate in career events that give us the opportunity to showcase the company. After new graduates are hired, they are given the resources, opportunities and support to succeed in their careers. They are trained and begin working at the cutting edge of technology, alongside experienced innovators, to resolve some of our toughest scientific challenges. During the first few years of their career they are based at one of our innovation centers in Helsinki, Finland, or Leuven, Belgium, before being given the opportunity to apply their knowledge in different product areas and at our other global facilities.

In 2016 we aim to further develop the way we source graduate talent and will introduce a new enhanced recruitment process. The aim is to make the connection between our internal employees, external candidates and our global vacancies stronger and more transparent.


We have invested in an integrated people technology platform and service delivery model, which enables us to leverage the different people processes in operation across the company. This means we can maximize value and collate data, enabling managers to further enhance our people development and their performance.

At the same time it is vital that we listen to our people. By being transparent and focusing on open, honest dialogue, we understand their needs more fully and create stronger connections, leading to better results and practices. To help achieve this, we have established HR Business Partners in each key business and support area. Their role is to help strengthen the connection between our people and our business and strategic aims, contributing to our long-term success.


Next to this we launched a Talent Management Sounding Board, which brings together key people from all levels and backgrounds. The Sounding Board provides crucial feedback on business priorities for our talent management roadmap.

When developing people practices, we use a group of employees to benchmark our progress and deliverables against pre-set goals and clear key performance indicators (KPIs). We also initiated a Change & Communication approach, ensuring that we embed initiatives in a way that delivers the greatest value. And because every initiative is integrated in our technology platform, we are developing a set of clear, connected processes, tools and metrics.

In 2016 we aim to embed our Onboarding Process in the HR Technology platform, building on existing practices. This will offer new hires a consistent Onboarding experience and a base to understand the company, how they can add value, and help them accelerate their performance and engagement.


Achieving bottom line business results starts with capable people being committed to ASMI and its customers. We employ a diverse range of experienced, talented people who have in-depth understanding and experience of our technology, products and customers. This, combined with the introduction of new talent at all levels of the company to add fresh perspectives and new insights and diversity to existing knowledge and experience, enables us to blend internal expertise and commitment with external perspective and accelerated change. And because we are a relatively small company, our people can make an immediate impact, leading to greater learning and engagement. This is one of the reasons we expect more and more people will want to be part of our growing, dynamic company – a company that provides its customers with solutions that count.


Once we have attracted the right people, we work hard to ensure they engage with the company and its strategic goals, and provide an enabling environment that allows them to excel and turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities. One example is the ASMI Leadership Academy, which offers our people different leadership programs. In 2015 we launched a (Senior) Directors Program as part of our Leadership Academy. Senior employees from around the world participate in an intense training week, including course curriculum, team dynamics, and a real-time ASMI business case. Our Leadership Academy helps managers and leaders from all levels of the organization to develop their employees and build high-performing teams. Using consistent content and bringing managers and leaders together in these programs has also led to increased understanding, and greater cross-culture and business collaboration. In the coming period our aim is to further enhance the Leadership Academy, creating more engagement and further improving its business relevance and value to the company.

Additionally, to strengthen the connection of our people with our strategy, we deploy a performance management process and initiated a Succession and Talent review process. These processes are supported by a globally aligned competency set and a talent scorecard. Both processes support setting the right direction for our people development and maximizing the potential of our people to deliver our strategy.