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Our mission is to provide our customers with the most advanced, cost-effective, and reliable products, service and global support network in the semiconductor industry, and beyond.


As a truly global citizen, we have a vision of ZERO HARM! This means that we strive to prevent all injuries to our employees and customer employees, reduce our impact to the environment, and make positive contributions to society. Achieving this ambition involves setting goals and working towards them at all levels of the company.

In 2015, our performance target regarding injuries was to reduce the total injury rate to 0.80 injuries per 100 employees. To reduce our impact on the planet, we responsibly manage our energy and water consumption, our product footprint, and our enabling technologies. Our three-year goal over the 2013-2015 period was to implement Greenhouse Gas reduction measures of 800 mtCO2e per year and reduce water consumption by 10,000 m3 from the 2012 baseline.

At the same time, we make a positive contribution to society through innovation, which leads to faster computing, greater productivity, and in many cases improves the energy efficiency of electronics. For 2015, our top strategic priorities included recruiting, developing and retaining research and development (R&D) talent, while maintaining our technology leadership through our patents filing.

Progress in 2015

We made good progress towards our main CR goals in 2015. This included:

Injury rate

We continued to significantly reduce the injury rate at our facilities. Our 2015 injury rate was 0.62 injuries per 100 employees, which exceeded our target of 0.80 by over 20%. This was a 35% reduction compared to 2014.

Water consumption

We surpassed our water consumption target with a 24,766 m3 reduction, and implemented projects totaling 751 mtCO2e of greenhouse gas reductions per year.

Investment in R&D

Our investments in R&D totaled €93.0 million, a 43% increase over 2014. The outcomes of our R&D efforts are technological innovations, which can be measured by the number of new patent filings we make. In 2015, we increased our intellectual property holdings by 85 initial patent filings, a 29% increase over 2014.

R&D talent

We increased our R&D talent to 26% of all employees, up from 22% in 2014.