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Note 2. Investments and loan advances due from subsidiaries

Investments in subsidiariesLoan advances subsidiariesTotal
Balance January 1, 20141,206,24940,3101,246,559
Net result of subsidiaries132,843132,843
Other comprehensive income investments(2,179)(2,179)
Dividend received(19,974)(19,974)
Issuance of loans218218
Foreign currency translation effect150,9825,406156,388
Balance December 31, 20141,467,92145,9341,513,855
Net result of subsidiaries134,504134,504
Other comprehensive income investments567567
Dividend received(94,322)(94,322)
Repayments of loans(2,223)(2,223)
Foreign currency translation effect132,9205,247138,167
Balance December 31, 20151,695,68148,9581,744,639

The interest on the loan to subsidiaries is based on the Bank of America's prime rate with a rise of 2 percent points. The repayment schedule of the loan is as follows: 24 annual installments of US$2 million, starting December 31, 2018 followed by a final installment of US$5.3 million on December 31, 2043.

ASMI's share in the negative equity of an equity investment as per December 31, 2015 amounts to €(1,097), ASMI's share in the net loss for the year 2015 of the same equity investments amounts to €(900). The investment is valued at nil since the are no liabilities for ASMI.