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Note 11. Commitments and contingencies

With respect to certain Dutch subsidiaries ASM International NV has assumed joint and several liability in accordance with Article 403, Part 9 of Book 2 of the Netherlands Civil Code.

ASM International NV forms a fiscal unity (tax group for Corporate Income Tax purposes) together with its Dutch subsidiaries for purposes of Dutch tax laws and is as such jointly and severally liable for the tax debts of the unity. The tax unity consists of ASM International NV and the following subsidiaries:

  • ASM Europe BV (operational company)
  • ASM UK Sales BV (operational company)
  • ASM Germany Sales BV (operational company)
  • ASM Pacific Holding BV (holding company)
  • CVTR Development BV
  • Beheer- en Beleggingsmaatschappij Ingebel BV
  • Hamilcar Investments BV
  • Rembrandt Lease and Finance BV
  • ASM IP Holding BV (operational company)
  • ASM Netherlands Holding BV (holding company)