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Company Balance Sheet

(before proposed appropriation of net earnings for the year)

  December 31,
(EUR thousand except per share data)Notes20142015
Goodwill, net411,27011,270
Other intangible assets, net32,6028,628
Property, plant and equipment, net52341
Investments in subsidiaries21,467,9211,695,681
Loans to subsidiaries245,93448,958
Deferred tax assets65,000
Total non-current assets1,527,7501,769,578
Current assets
Accounts receivable, net16
Amounts due from subsidiaries47,6766,692
Other current assets5,966297
Cash and cash equivalents180,655189,234
Total current assets234,313196,223
Total assets1,762,0631,965,801
Common shares2,5532,553
Capital in excess of par value216,322221,868
Treasury shares(27,733)(84,000)
Legal reserves
– Translation reserve54,770192,081
– Other legal reserves1,109,0001,228,688
Accumulated net earnings246,792229,912
Net earnings current year141,317157,277
Total equity71,354,9121,561,190
Current liabilities
Amounts due to subsidiaries423654
Accrued expenses and other payables818,47316,594
Taxes and social securities146174
Total current liabilities19,04217,422
Total equity and liabilities1,373,9541,578,612