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Note 3. Property, plant and equipment

The changes in the amount of property, plant and equipment are as follows:

Land, buildings and leasehold improvementsMachinery, equipmentFurniture and fixtures and other equipmentAssets under constructionTotal
At cost
Balance January 1, 201437,931102,88220,8609,133170,806
Capital expenditures35374942529,12030,647
Retirements and sales(809)(13,388)(3,683)(25)(17,905)
Transfers from assets under construction65720,881645(22,183)
Foreign currency translation effect1,7648,8185101,69812,790
Balance December 31, 201439,896119,94218,75717,743196,338
Capital expenditures12370782131,92533,576
Retirements and sales(5,563)(1,773)(7,336)
Transfer from assets under construction23031,13230(31,392)
Reclassification to other intangible assets117(44)3(441)(365)
Reclassification to evaluation tools(4,659)(4,659)
Foreign currency translation effect2,92812,7271,6521,55918,866
Balance December 31, 201543,294158,90119,49014,735236,420
Accumulated depreciation and impairment
Balance January 1, 201419,71376,39618,166114,275
Depreciation for the year2,0019,2561,32012,577
Retirements and sales(732)(13,137)(3,677)(17,546)
Foreign currency translation effect1,0406,3973597,796
Balance December 31, 201422,02278,91216,168117,102
Depreciation for the year1,83016,6921,22619,748
Impairment charges2,3782,378
Retirements and sales(5,274)(1,741)(7,015)
Foreign currency translation effect1,5499,4061,45812,413
Balance December 31, 201525,401102,11417,111144,626
Carrying amounts
December 31, 201417,87441,0302,58917,74379,236
December 31, 201517,89356,7872,37914,73591,794
Useful lives in years10-252-102-10

The impairment charges in 2015 on machinery and equipment relates to a write off of remaining 450mm assets and is reported in the consolidated statement of profit and loss as research and development expenses.