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Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss

  Year ended December 31,
(EUR thousand, except per share data)Notes20142015
Net sales19545,604669,621
Cost of sales(310,326)(374,094)
Gross profit19235,278295,527
Operating expenses:
Selling, general and administrative21(80,606)(94,729)
Research and development22(61,298)(89,735)
Total operating expenses(141,904)(184,464)
Result from operations1993,374111,063
Finance income1,5831,112
Finance expense(3,272)(1,620)
Foreign currency exchange gain (loss), net26,43925,264
Share in income of investments in associates639,41316,108
Income before income taxes157,537151,927
Income taxes20(19,377)5,350
Net earnings from continuing operations138,160157,277
Net earnings from discontinued operations63,157
Net earnings from operations, attributable to common shareholders141,317157,277
Per share data23
Basic net earnings per share (EUR):
From continuing operations2.182.53
From discontinued operations0.05
From operations2.232.53
Diluted net earnings per share (EUR):
From continuing operations2.152.50
From discontinued operations0.05
From operations2.202.50
Weighted average number of shares (thousand):

Changes of presentation

We reclassified certain items to conform to the current presentation.