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We are a global supplier of semiconductor wafer processing equipment and process solutions mainly for the semiconductor industry, with operations in 14 countries. Our customers include the world’s top semiconductor device manufacturers. Since 1968 we have helped the industry to create smaller, cheaper and more powerful microchips. Our focus is on continuing to help our customers develop their technology roadmap, by expanding our broad portfolio of innovative technologies and products.


We design, manufacture and sell equipment and services to our customers for the production of semiconductor devices, or integrated circuits (ICs). Semiconductor ICs, often called chips, are a key technology that enable the advanced electronic products used by consumers and businesses everywhere. Our innovative technologies are used by the most advanced semiconductor manufacturers, primarily for the deposition of thin films.


Semiconductor chips enable technological advances for an expanding number of applications. The cloud, smart vehicles, the desire to be fully connected at all times for email, phone and the internet. All these factors are driving the demand for smaller, faster, cheaper chips. The semiconductor industry is committed to reducing the size of transistors, so that the transistors will be faster, and that more of them fit in the same physical space. For over 50 years, following the trend called Moore’s Law, the average number of components per integrated semiconductor device, at the optimum cost-per-component, has increased by a factor of two every 18 to 24 months. Currently, the most advanced microprocessor chips include over 3 billion transistors.

Our technology is an enabler of the deposition of the extremely thin material layers that create these advanced chips. As a driver of innovation, we have established a leading position in the fast-growing market of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), and also provide equipment for PECVD, epitaxy, and vertical furnace applications. Our portfolio of ALD products is an enabling technology for our customers, helping them to build faster, cheaper and more powerful semiconductors.


The process of making semiconductor ICs is highly complex and very costly. Semiconductor fabrication plants, called fabs, house a large set of wafer processing equipment which performs a series of process steps on round silicon wafers, which are typically 300mm in diameter. The equipment is operated in cleanrooms that filter the air to avoid small particles that could negatively affect the circuitry on the chips. There are many chips on each wafer. Most of our systems are designed for deposition processes when thin films, or layers, of various materials are grown or deposited onto the wafer. After testing the individual circuits for correct performance, the chips on the wafer are separated and then packaged in a protective housing before ultimately becoming part of a set of IC chips on circuit boards within an electronic product.


Our innovative technologies and products are used by all of the world’s top semiconductor manufacturers, primarily for the deposition of thin films. We are a truly global company. Based in 14 countries, we benefit from the advantages of bringing together the best brains in the world to help our customers develop their technology roadmap.


We focus primarily on equipment and process solutions for the deposition of thin films. Our core strengths are in ALD, epitaxy, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD), and oxidation/diffusion. In order to meet our customers’ needs, we have developed – and are still developing – the deposition technology for many new materials. With this portfolio of established and newer technologies, we are addressing many of the key areas on the semiconductor industry roadmap, including:

  • high-k metal gate;
  • new applications for advanced FinFET transistors;
  • dielectrics for spacer-defined double patterning;
  • liners and spacers;
  • low-k dielectrics for interconnect; and
  • strained silicon.

Enabling the industry to move to smaller line widths and better transistors that use new materials, our discoveries result in greater efficiencies for businesses and greater opportunities for everyone.