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At ASMI, our track record as experienced innovation leaders is a result of focusing on key issues on the semiconductor technology roadmap – the areas where we can make the greatest difference to our customers. These issues may change over time but one thing will always remain the same – we will keep bringing the results of our breakthrough technologies through to volume manufacturing for the benefit of our customers.


Our mission and vision guide our activities, our current strategy describes how we will achieve our mission, and our focus areas indicate where we will invest our energy. The markets we address and the products we target in these markets fall within our focus areas.


ASMI’s mission is to provide our customers with the most advanced, cost-effective, and reliable products, service and global support network in the semiconductor industry and beyond. We bring forward the adoption of our technology platforms by developing new materials and process applications that support our customers’ long-term technology roadmaps. Since atomic layer deposition ('ALD') provides us with a basic platform for a whole new generation of technologies and processes, it acts as a strategic enabler for our business.


We aim to delight our customers, employees and shareholders by driving innovation with new technologies and delivering excellence with dependable products. By doing this, we will create new possibilities for everyone to understand, create and share more of what they love.


Our strategic objective is to realize profitable, sustainable growth by capitalizing on our innovative strength, operational excellence and our leadership in ALD and other business segments we are active in. The key elements of our strategy include:

› Innovative strength

ASMI has always been recognized for its technology leadership. Today, we provide leading technologies that support our customers in staying on the curve of Moore’s Law. Our innovative strength is what differentiates us in the marketplace and continues to be the cornerstone of our strategy. Apart from our internal R&D efforts we are continuously expanding and deepening our strategic cooperation with key customers, suppliers, chemicals manufacturers and research institutes such as imec. We also expand our patent portfolio where it is necessary and beneficial.

› Leadership in ALD

ALD and PEALD technologies have been established as mainstream technologies in high volume manufacturing, supporting virtually all of the leading customers in the semiconductor industry. As a leader in this space, ALD and PEALD have turned into a key growth driver for our business. We expect that the trends of continued scaling and evolution towards 3D device structures will further expand the number of applications for ALD. We aim to maintain our leading position in ALD by leveraging on our strong expertise and established customer relationships, and by developing new applications to support our customers with increasingly complex device node transitions.

› Operational excellence

While technology leadership remains crucial, we continue to focus on further improving the effectiveness of our organization and the efficiency of processes. We aim to provide our customers with dependable leading-edge products and services at a consistent quality and the best cost of ownership. To this end, we continue to optimize our manufacturing and global sourcing processes, including the migration to common product platforms.


Within wafer processing, we focus primarily on equipment and process solutions for the deposition of thin films.

Our core strengths are in atomic layer deposition ('ALD'), plasma enhanced ALD ('PEALD'), epitaxy, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition ('PECVD'), low pressure chemical vapor deposition ('LPCVD') and oxidation/diffusion. With this portfolio of technologies, we are addressing many of the key areas on the semiconductor industry roadmap, including:

  • high-k metal gate;
  • new applications for advanced FinFET transistors;
  • dielectrics for spacer-defined double patterning;
  • low-k dielectrics for interconnect; and
  • strained silicon.

Our breakthrough technologies enable the industry to move to smaller line widths and better transistors that use new materials. In addition to addressing the technology needs of our customers, and in order to meet the requirements of the industry to reduce cost, we focus on further increasing equipment throughput and equipment reliability, further lowering the cost per wafer of our wafer processing systems. In addition, in order to enable further efficiencies in our manufacturing process, we spend significant effort on improving the level of standardization in our equipment portfolio by migrating to common platforms, sub-assemblies and components.


ASMI is a leading player in the market for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The semiconductor capital equipment market is composed of three major market segments: wafer processing equipment, assembly and packaging equipment, and test equipment. We operate in the semiconductor wafer processing equipment market.


Our semiconductor wafer processing business supplies equipment to the leading semiconductor manufacturers in the logic, foundry and memory markets, primarily for the deposition of thin films. The logic market is made up of manufacturers who create chips that are used to process data, the foundry market consists of businesses that operate semiconductor fabrication plants to manufacture the designs of other semiconductor companies, and the memory market covers manufacturers who make chips that store information either temporarily or permanently such as Random Access Memory ('RAM'). We also supply equipment to leading manufacturers of analog semiconductor devices that are important for enabling the increasing semiconductor content in most products in use worldwide.

We have a strong position in leading-edge technologies. Our portfolio of atomic layer deposition ('ALD') products is an enabling technology for our customers, helping them to manufacture semiconductor devices at smaller line widths with new materials and 3D architectures. These new semiconductor devices are a major driver behind the introduction of new products such as smartphones and tablets with higher performance and reduced energy consumption.


Our wafer processing products come from a number of product platforms, each designed to host and enable specified process technologies. Products in each product platform are linked by common technology elements like a common in-system software framework, common critical components or similar logistics (batch or single wafer processing).

The XP is our standard single wafer processing platform. It is designed to accommodate ALD, PEALD, PECVD and epitaxy process application modules with common platform standards. The XP8 is a high productivity platform for PECVD and PEALD. It is based on our common XP platform standard with an expanded configuration that enables up to eight chambers to be integrated on one wafer-handling platform. The A400 and A412 are our batch vertical furnace products offering oxidation/diffusion, LPCVD and ALD.

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